Professional steel

Bending is the process of bending metal sheets into the desired shape using a bending press. Through bending, metal products are manufactured, which can be further welded and treated, for example, by coating.

Bended cuts with ironclad expertise

Precision bending of laser-cut pieces of all sizes is available in Kröger Works’ complete deliveries. We bend even the most challenging parts with extreme precision and professionalism. Inquire for a quote for steel cut bending.

Precision sheet bending

By bending, the product can be shaped in a way that requires fewer welding seams. Thanks to bending, the manufacturing costs of the product decrease significantly. With our efficient bending equipment, bending of parts is done quickly and cost-effectively.

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Bending presses

Bystronic Beyeler 650 X 7200

  • Bending force 650 tons
  • Bending length 7200 mm
  • Open height 6100 mm
  • Cybelec Control
  • Wide range of bending tools

Bystronic Xpert80

  • Bending force 80 tons
  • Bending length 1530 mm
  • Bend thinner and smaller pieces faster and more cost-effectively

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