KRÖGER Works since 1973

With 50 years of experience in metalworking, our company has become a steadfast professional in laser cutting, bending, welding, and other metalworking expertise.

Kröger Works is a modern, reliable, and easily approachable metal workshop based in Laukaa. We manufacture stainless steel and acid-resistant components for various industrial sectors. Our products are made according to the customer’s plans and delivered on agreed schedules. Additionally, Kröger Works offers cost-effective complete deliveries of bright steel, including laser cutting, bending, welding, and pickling.


Laser cutting

Laser cutting is the fastest, most precise, and cost-effective method for manufacturing metal cuts

Laser welding

Laser welding produces precise and refined results quickly. It offers inconspicuous weld seams even for machined and thinner pieces


Traditional TIG and MIG/MAG welding performed with professionalism for total deliveries of metal products


Precision bending of laser-cut pieces of all sizes with professional expertise. Rapidly handling challenging steel bends, even for large batches


Pool pickling and spray pickling make steel products corrosion-resistant and visually refined


We offer subcontracting for complete deliveries of metalwork and contract manufacturing for various industries