Fast and precise
laser welding

Laser welding is also suitable for machined parts and very thin materials. Laser welding is particularly used in situations where welding can only be done from one side. It is applicable to various materials and allows for joining different metals.

The benefits of laser welding:

  • speed, efficiency, and precision
  • consistent quality
  • inconspicuous weld seams
  • automatability, for larger batches
  • low heat input
  • less deformation
  • savings in filler material

Laser welding equipment

With Kröger Works’ laser welding equipment, thicknesses of 0.5 mm to 10 mm can be fully penetrated without additional filler material.


  • 5-axis welding head
  • X = 13500 mm, Y = 2000 mm, Z = 1000 mm
  • Laser source 8 kW Co2
  • Welding area (thickness) 0.5 mm – 10 mm
  • Weldable materials: acid-resistant, stainless, duplex, and steel
  • Option for hybrid welding or pure MIG/MAG
  • Power source for MIG/MAG welding: Airliquide 450A

Laser welding of steel cuts

The most efficient way to manufacture metal products is through complete deliveries, from laser cutting to bending, laser welding, and surface treatment.

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