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Do you value speed, high quality, and precision in metalwork? We’ve got you covered! With decades of experience in metal workshop operations, Kröger Works has been described as a reliable and flexible partner.

We provide complete deliveries of metalwork and contract manufacturing as subcontractors to meet industrial needs, as well as for other sectors. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we excel in even the most demanding metalwork projects.

Typically, our subcontracted complete delivery progresses as follows:

Complete deliveries can also include design and transportation services. Our service package is a fast, reliable, and flexible way to procure metalwork from a single source.


The best technological solutions ensure Kröger Works’ uncompromising quality of work. Our modern equipment and first-class production facilities enable cost-effective and rapid deliveries of metal products.

The metal workshop’s new premises

Our metal workshop moved to new premises in Leppävesi, Laukaa, in the spring of 2022. In our 2500 m2 production facilities, the lifting capacity is 2 x 10,000 kg, with a hook height of 7 m. In our modern premises, we can handle larger projects, and the turnaround time for components has significantly reduced. The surface treatment facility continues to operate in Savela, Jyväskylä.

Laser cutting equipment

The Bystronic ByStar Fiber 4020 is a 6 kW fiber laser cutter with a cutting area of 2000 mm x 4000 mm. Maximum thicknesses for cutting materials are: steel 15 mm, stainless steel / acid-resistant steel 25 mm, aluminum 20 mm, brass 10 mm, and copper 10 mm.

Bending presses

The Bystronic Beyeler 650 X 7200 and Bystronic Xpert80 bending presses have bending forces up to 650 tons, with bending lengths extending to 7,200 millimeters. We have a wide range of bending tools, and bending of smaller and thinner pieces is also achievable quickly and efficiently due to the optimal equipment selection.

Laser welding equipment

With the BALLIU LCF 15000 laser welding equipment, thicknesses of 0.5 mm to 10 mm can be fully penetrated without additional filler material. In addition to MIG/MAG welding, it also enables hybrid welding.

Welding equipment

Traditional welding is carried out with modern TIG and MIG/MAG welding equipment.

Pickling facility

At Kröger Works’ surface treatment facility, pool pickling of stainless and acid-resistant steels can be carried out in a 115 m3 pickling pool. The facility also performs spray pickling. Pieces to be pickled are handled with two 20,000 kg cranes.

Customer satisfaction

It is particularly important to us that our customers receive exactly what they have ordered from us. Our customers’ interests are also our own. That’s why we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations every time. We’ve been described as a reliable and flexible partner, and we’re grateful that many of our customer relationships have lasted for decades.

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